Sunday, April 11, 2004

Hoppy Easter Everyone!

Response to Bobby's cover story in Pinkie: Please excuse my typos....

Letters to the Editor (SF Chronicle) April 11, 2004

"Editor- I am James Parber's youngest brother (that we are aware of at this juncture-I'll take nothing for granted at this point). I would like to express my gratitude for the interest Joel Selvin has shown for my family's story.
      James was my hero. And at the risk of compromising my critical integrity, a truly gifted guitarist. He hadthe impeccable tasteand economy of Jamie (Robbie) Robertson. He was quickly approaching the technical capabilities of James Burton. And he had the soul of a Hendrix. Not "Voodoo Child" type Hendrix , but that rhythm/lead/rhythm/lead-fill stuff that Hendrix did on "Castles Made Of Sand" and "May this be love" for instance, where he sounds like two guys doing the rhythm guitar track.
      This is the stuff that Jim loved-the music he instilled in me.
       This is a very poignant for myself and our family, and every component of James' legacy that is now coming to light fills a void that I had slowly become unaware of as the years passed. Selvin's efforts have contributed positively to this process.
        And let me say that through it all we have gained a wonderful brother in Bobby (Weir). He is a remarkably kind and loving man, and is now a part of this family in a way that he, or we, could never have expected.
       I thank you for your gracious contribution.

Christopher Parber, San Francisco"