Tuesday, April 06, 2004

more from FLJen:

Then I meet and hug Boots! Graceful
Dead and one other person. Help on the Way* > Slipknot!*
II: El Paso@3, Candyman@+ > Jam+ > Cold Rain and Snow was so easy, and I
was glad this was being recorded so I would remember the cold cold weather
of this run> Mississippi Half-Step > Samson and Delilah*+ oh yes yes yes
here we go again with great big, huge dancing, jubilant jumping, flying
through the air > The Other One*+ > Drums# > Space > all so wonderous high
energy, we're all feeding off one another's vibe. It feels so nice to be
understood, not be told I'm in a cult or crazy. Then I was dancing with my
eyes closed, hair swirling and I hear a gasp thinking someone must have done
a musical trick like when audience gasps during their feats. Mouths are open
and people talking. What just happened I ask Heather & Krystalle? They told
me Jay missed the change and Bob went to him flipped him off and kicked his
drum so hard a mic fell down. Our gentle tour family is really horrified at
this train wreck. Initially I was but after thinking it over, we can't
assign too much to these heros, they're not superhuman, they're not
infalliable. Jerry didn't want to be a leader, no one is free from flaws not
even the Chief. I don't judge Bobby for this, only acceptance, I still have
1 (unrelated to this incident) question to ask him ...but who I feel badly
for is Jay, smiling happy-go-lucky Jay . My heart broke for him, not because of his mistake
but because of this happening in front of all of us. None of us could really
get back into that high place we were in after witnessing this, but we
tried. Heather scooted over after someone left her seat so I got to be front
of Bobby again for the encore.
Space > Sugaree > St. Stephen*+ > William Tell Bridge*+ > Foolish Heart*+
Foolish Heart was good but I was a little disappointed not to get The Eleven
after William Tell...oh well.
E: Slipknot!*+ > Franklin's Tower*+ Ratdog lines up for the bow. I'm not
sure who the string player was, or the Bill Gates resembling guest drummer.
Dear Jay looks so downhearted.
Dark haired AJ brings us waters I'm so hot and thirsty, he gives me the
first one.Here it is, last night of fall tour. Cousin Bud takes my pic
holding the set list in the lobby. Huge huggles for Ken, Bud. Patrick goes
with them I go to the car because I'm cold in short sleeve, skirt and rain
poncho..I see from there more desperate pleading eyed folks lined up by the bus barricade. I
see Jay come out and go back in. We leave.
Next day we get up at 8am so little more rest but not much as we got to
hotel around 1am... go to check out and again manager is not there. This
woman must be afraid of me, hiding out in the back! The nice desk clerk said
she would see what she could do regarding my refund, unsure if she could
refund me the entire amount that I made a scene about the other night....
meanwhile did we eat breakfast yet? how about a free breakfast buffet for
two in our hotel restaurant? ok! We eat and *think* there's plenty of time.
Mrs. R., your credit card has been comped in full, again our apologies.
Please give us another chance sometime. OK! We stop to smoke again before
heading to Boston to catch the flight. I get out our stack of papers.
UGH!!!! I realize our flight doesn't leave at 2:45, it ARRIVES 2:45! We have
got to get to the airport NOW ASAP. I'm panicked....then I center and try to
imagine the worst that could happen, ok we'll get another flight, we'll get
home one way or anoth