Sunday, April 04, 2004

Last night's show review from DNCr Debess:

Debess - 09:02am Apr 4, 2004 PDT (#281 of 284)
black dirt live again!

yes, the show was in a big huge tent, and yes, Bobby did still wear shorts, even though he probably had to walk along a snow-lined path to get inside.

I am thrilled that I saw such a terrific show for my one show of the tour!!!!! very VERY nice!!

I went up front looking for graceful who said she'd be on the rail (saw Chez up there, but not julie and boots!), and ended up 10-15 feet from the stage for the night. Excellent sight and sound spot, with plenty of room to dance. I was in the left front corner in the sweet spot between Jeff, Kenny and Bobby - sweeeeeeet. Those are the guys I most enjoy focusing in on.

I love to dance to Bobby's playing so much - and I was in the heavenly spot to hear him crystal clearly at all times, plus to easily watch his fingers playing and his facial expressions. Watching his face you can see the emotion he puts into his singing. Couple of deep-felt sighs even, during He's Gone I think, and Ripple too. I'd say Bobby did justice to every one of Jerry's songs he did last night, including the Jerry-cover-choice Dear Prudence. That was Great! Eyes was a highlight. Loved it!

EMF and I were picking our hopes for the Dylan slot - both of us were wrong, but I was very pleased with the choice - one of my favorites, Baby Blue.

The acoustic set to start the 2nd set was wonderful - Victim was awesome, again SO enhanced by being so close to watch the playing. Friend of the Devil a real crowd pleaser.

The songs became sing-alongs, with the audience participating, too much, after a while, I thought :-\ But I think Bobby invited that with the way he sang Iko, starting a capella, with claps - brought the audience right in. Then, they wouldn't stop. That was a bit annoying, but you could see everyone was having fun with it. Made it a bit hard to hear them singing. Audience joined in big-time from He's Gone on.

Playing seemed to be right on last night - all cues hit just exactly perfect. Lots of interesting jamming and interplay. Enjoyed it all, so much.

manymanymany thanks to Bob R. for hosting the pre-show gathering - AWESOME place next to a huge RAGE-ing waterfall, lottsa great food and company. You are a GRATE host Bob, thanks! I hope someone posts pictures - I didn't have my camera, but I can still picture that little bit of paradise you have there, in my head. beautiful.