Tuesday, April 06, 2004

FL Jen promises a review of the tour finale later on...in the meanwhile, here is (yes, she flew out to the East Coast for some shows) Graceful Dead's review of the last show and includes her running into the guys at the airport:

GracefulDead - 09:37am Apr 6, 2004 PDT (#147 of 151)
Soul shining from the Real thing....the love of this community

I'm baaaaack!! So great seeing so many wonderful DNC folks - such a treat to meet LS114!! Such at treat to have ((Krispy)) join ((((BOOTS)))) and I for dinner... SOOOOOO Glad to see (((JUBILEE)))) make it to the show!! Such a treat to dance in the second row to the greatest rock 'n roll band in the world right now!! The whole weekend was a great great treat - thanks to everyone who played a role in the smile that is perpetually glued to this face.... After waiting for quite awhile to see the boys after the show, the only one who came out to see those few of us standing out by the buses was Kenny - what a great guy he is! BUT, I did get my private audience with not only the whole band but some of the roadies at the airport! I got all the autographs on my ticket and got to talk to everyone - Bobby and Mark both confirmed that there WILL be more Ratdog - Jay did look very somber and he stayed to himself for the most part - didn't have much to say and I didn't ask about the night before other than to ask Mark if everything was ok to which he gave me the hand signal for yes and no....but he thought everything would be ok eventually and said that they had had a rough night (after the music) - of course we didn't talk specifics - Mark had a great time at this venue but he said it was weird to know that people were looking at his BEHIND while he was playing since it was a round stage...... There I was getting my coffee at the kiosk and he comes walking up with Robin!! I got hugs from both of them and then CHuck (the 'evil one' as he calls himself) wandered over with some other roadies I don't know by name - then we wandered over to their boarding area where I got to see that cute roadie, Patrick, and the rest of the band. Bobby was evidently waiting in the upscale private area until boarding but when he came out, he was very gracious, friendly and happy to sign his autograph. I was at the airport four hours before my flight cause I really didn't have anything else to do and didn't want to hassle going to Manhattan or spending any money, so there I was - early and just on time!!