Tuesday, April 06, 2004

part 2 of Jen's report:FLJen - 05:51am Apr 6, 2004 PDT (#15172 of 15211)
Egyptian ring

Awake so early, we're still running in adrenalin from the night before. Slept maybe 4 hours. Go to free breakfast at the hotel where we get cold food and warm by making our own waffles with the hotel's fun wafflemaker. I'm wishing for real maple syrup since we're in New England but all there is are packets of colored high fructose corn syrup they call pancake syrup. Whip out the mapquest stack once again after packing the car, nice easy ride up to Waterville. It is so beautiful there it brings me to tears. We stop to take pictures of the stream on the side of the road and I'm wishing we didn't fly so I could take some of these river stones back home with me. We pass the William Tell Tavern and remark about that. Then a beautiful waterfall on the side of the road we didn't even have to hike to. I get out and take more pictures like a freak.
We arrive at the town of Waterville and think about getting some coffee. Take a walk around the town square and up above us someone with long blonde hair is looking at us. Oh it's Robin. Hi Robin we wave and he immediately returns the wave, he's having breakfast with his girlfriend looks like. We wander the square, seeing families everywhere and the vibe is gentle and easy. There's no snow and while it is chilly nowhere near the bone chilling whip through you wind we left behind in Worcester. We make our way to the lift which is about 2 miles away from this town square. Oh my goodness I'd never seen anything like it not having been to a ski resort before. Familes, singles, couples everyone skiing, snowboarding. The lodge is cafeteria style and feels like the lobby of an ice skating rink. There are fireplaces and teens sleeping in straight chairs. Patrick holds down first space in line while I go to the car to take a nap and listened to 1 cd probably 4 times too tired to change it while dozing off. People come and go, but mostly go. I get up and head back to where the concert tent is.
Line duy, here comes family again and before we know it the sound check is going on. We dance to Foolish Heart and hear Here Comes Sunshine. Family hanging out and security is good to us. They are kind and don't want us to get in law trouble, let us take charis outside and engage in conversation with us. Here comes Jeff, Mark and Kenny whizzed through. Robin and Mark stop to talk with us, Jeff too. Blonde AJ comes to talk with white bread and pnut butter and a Gatorade. He gets a gift from family and walks off.
Finally nearly show time and by this time it is cold. They have long ago shut off the outdoor fireplace that warmed us during the afternoon.
We get inside at the rail, family making a run for it. I'm next to Chez and Mari. Mari reminds me of Avril Levigne. During the show I had to keep my elbow next to hers because some joker would put his hand inbetween us in attempt to wedge to the front. Chez seemed to be taking lots of pictures and I was glad someone recording the scene. During show Bob turns and we got a view of ((his booty))and I remark to Mari that geeze it is hard not to look when he's putting it out there like that ;-). Chez & Patrick aren't threatened at all and joke about it. I tell Mari in advance sorry if I bump you, we talk about these awful wedgers, pushers and drunks behind us.
Ok Assembly of Dust comes on. I'm immediately taken aback by the small guitars, short stature of most of them and small drum set. The only one who wasn't small was the bass player. They came on early thankfully so we could get to our beloved Ratdog sooner. They tried very hard but it just wasn't my thing. The only song I can remember is Neil Young's Comes a Time...that might not even be the title I can't remember but YKWIM. The singer has his eyes closed during most songs and he spits. You can see strings of phlem when his mouth opens too and it started to gross me out.
By this time I have my huge coat off but shivering, realizing I'm not going to be able to dance with it on. Ratdog finally comes on and we can see our breath. Midway back tent is warm with blasts from heater but up here at the rail it is frigid.
Dark haired AJ is so very sweet. Jay Lane comes out and gives hugs to Bird. I'm loving his hair lately. He's wild looking and beautiful. There was a time I thought he was rockstarish & judged him but having come to a place of acceptance I now enjoy him a lot. The floor of the tent is astroturf with water sopping around in it. I'm wondering if the drunks behind me are going to bust their asses on it. They kept hollering out stuff to AOD and then rude stuff to Bobby, screaming in family ears, assalting my senses with it.

Jam --love those opening jams! > The Music Never Stopped this one took us high while shivering breathing in all the thin clean air > Baby Blue--this reminds me of Kenny always when they bring it out > Easy Answers- just ok, Bird Song--one intense moment after this song was over Bobby looked at Bird for the longest time. I can just feel how much he appreciates her loyalty, she's become a permanent fixture in the band, a gentle soul who deserves all they give her > Loser > Lucky Enough---I was so hoping to hear this sometime during the tour & they nabbed it beautifully. What a treat to hear LE on this mountain in the natural beauty all around us! > West L.A. Fadeaway > Iko Iko --Bob on tambourine, excellent.
Dear dark haired AJ brings coats to the band and actually puts the coats on them. My brain is letting out serotonin and I'm so touched by the coat thing. During the show blonde AJ is working his fingers to the bone trying to get the (((((((((telecaster)))))))going...I'm trying to send him anything to help because I need to see that comforting (((telecaster)))))played here. Mark's equipment began to fail and he was pissed.

II: Victim or the Crime@4!! what at treat again didn't expect this one > The Winners@ , Friend of the Devil@4, Jam > Eyes of the World --Kenny had the best solo during this...he gave us everything he had, blowing