Thursday, April 22, 2004

Lots of action coming up---We have tickets for Seva (Bobby with the Waybacks @ Great American Music Hall) also I have spoken with Tamara at the Seva office and am sending them something for the silent dinner auction. We are also onboard for the Spencer Dryden benefit happening at Slim's on the 22nd..Lzyltng(deadnetter)has an extra set of great tickets for Shoreline Dead show (June).. he offered them to us when he heard we had been shut out of Dead ticketing(this was before mail order announced a second mailing date)..Lzy lives in Colorado, Reisha had already offered him a place to stay and transportation to/fro the airport..but if it works out to be easier, they can sleep here after the show...We only live about 25 minutes away from the amphitheater...

I liked Katrinka's most recent post so much, I'm posting this one too!
Katrinka is one of the original flower children, so perhaps Mountain Girl did remember her!


katrinka - 07:07pm Apr 22, 2004 PDT (#1108 of 1109)
Ah, but I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now.

I wish I could think of something to say to Donna next time I have a chance to meet her. I did okay with Bob (thanks to my mom serving as an icebreaker) but usually I'm totally tongue-tied and just smile and hang back on the fringes.

Thinking about that hug (and matty getting a hug, too) I realized that the circumstances meeting Bob Weir were exactly like meeting a lot of my DNC friends for the first time (thanks to the vibe at the Fillmore that night, too, sort of a "we are family" thing.)

And probably many of you will recognize this scenario:

You've "known" this person for years, corresponded, e-mailed, joked around, traded CDs, but you've never met. Finally the opportunity comes: a DNC Gathering, a show where mutual friends introduce you, or you're wearing your DNC t-shirt of laminate and someone comes up and starts talking to you and you discover you "know" each other from cyberspace. You exchange names and smiles, and you both put your hands out to shake - - - and simultaneously you both realize that only a HUG will do!

In the case of meeting Bob Weir, of course, I've never e-mailed or traded CDs, and I've never fantasized that I "know" him in any way. But sheesh, I've been "communicating" with this guy for 35 years now, through his music. The whole handshake / hug thing was as spontaneous as I've ever had it be with someone from DNC, with the only difference being that I requested permission (sorta) first. Can't remember if I said "can I get a hug?" or "how about a hug?" when he got that "oops, I blew it" look on his face, but I didn't want to violate his personal space, so I asked first. ;-)

I never ever thought that I would be in a situation where I would be able to meet Bob and just converse with him like that.

Mountain Girl gave me a hug Tuesday night, too, but I didn't know what to say because I've never actually been introduced to her and every time I see her she reacts like she "must" know my name but can't remember it. Tuesday night we exchanged smiles several times, and when we encountered each other in the lobby she hugged me with a big "Hi, I haven't seen you in such a long time!" and I could only babble, "it's nice to see you, too!" while returning her hug. Lame, but I keep thinking she's confusing me with someone else and I'm afraid she won't be so friendly when she finds out who I really am. But I think I finally figured out what I'm going to say next time I see her (because I know I will.)