Tuesday, April 06, 2004

continuation of Jen's review, if you missed the beginning scroll down to find it:

so hard I thought his neck veins were going to burst.
 > He's Gone --of course reminds everyone of Jerry, it is really ok that he's gone, he is missed & loved but we're riding the second wave now which is Ratdog, can't go back to the past> Bass/Drums/Keys/KB > Space-intense! > Dear Prudence--the best, most emotionally laden DP I can ever remember hearing, Bob looking as he usually does but this time I wasn't the first to break the gaze (usually 1st to break because I'm a little shy). It felt like a laser going right through me. > One More Saturday Night -came on like an old friend E: Bird Song > Ripple@
Real nice Ripple, odd because it was the encore from the night before & better sung than the night before. The Worcester Ripple someone's mic was turned up way too high completely overpowering everyone else. This was great though. Again sending us off to zen.
Then, lot scene was absolutely insane! OMG! I've never in my life seen so many hissing nitrous tanks, hyenalike lowvibration people stumbling, falling, walking in front of cars, littering, trying to get us to buy some. Three entire lots were litter covered with spent balloons, people here carelessly desecrating & disrespecting some of Creation's finest work. I was disgusted.