Friday, January 30, 2004

Yes, things are looking better!
Scotto and I are Warfield bound and we owe it all to ((((Gwennie))). Gwennie was the 2nd Deadnetter we met- on New Year's @ the Kaiser, I think it was 1999...Locally, Gwennie is known for gifting concertgoers with buttons. I was priviledged to be shown the design for The Winter Jam and its terrifically appropo!

And to make an irenie even glowier, is that rumors of a late summer/early Fall Bobdog UK tour are starting up on the Eurotraders board...I'm not sure I know the Eurotrader who had brought it to the board but the Eurotraders that I know I met, seem to know the fellow and that's enough to get me wondering how I'm gonna work out an overseas tour during late September (Bobtember!)
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