Friday, January 16, 2004

Hearing about a few more Bobdog dates coming up!
Excited to hear that Robin & Teresa may be coming over for The Fillmore shows!!
The following sounds like a commercial but I just can't keep it to myself!!
The latest distraction for me is having updated my Mac to OSX and also adding in the iLife 2004 apps..It's sooooo awesome! All my Eurodog & Marin Music Fest & NYE photos (THERE ARE HUNDREDS & HUNDREDS- this app can store up to 8,000 photos!!) only took about a minute for all to pop up. It's so freaking easy to enhance, edit,crop, retouch AND blow up & minimize each photograph- I may be here for the entire 3 day weekend!! Seriously. There's a whole new life or two for each picture- I've blown (LOL) Bobby up and cropped out the excess stuff and turned him into a sepia dream out of a photo taken from 100 feet away. I realize folks have been able to do this stuff via photoshop apps but I barely have time to blog let alone learn photoshop- the new ilife photo app is quick and easy! I need to find out what I need to do to put pictures up here on the blog so you can see what I'm talking about..I'll see if I have any room left at the homepages and post a few.