Sunday, January 04, 2004

I'm still not done with all the stuff I need to do before resuming real life tomorrow...After such a fab Decembweir, there will be a nice quiet January. By February, Dog or Dead dates should continue to pop up...Scott is all set to go after Bobdog for his own birthday fun. And so it goes we blast off into 2004!

No word on Euro or the UK but lots of speculation. I found this online today- it's Kevin Shewan's 2003 UK Ratdog reviews (hope I got the name right!) Nice job! LOL- I saw he found some of my pictures-cool! Anyhoo here's the web addy (since I still havent figured out how to link stuff in here):

I lost my place in the entire NYE review I started a few daze ago.
Let's see..Did I tell ya after I raced down to meet up with The DNCrs and Ratdog.orgers Reisha songled a huge group of folks in Happy Birthday - blush-blush! I hung out til the lights were dimming. Then I charged back up to the suite- grabbed a diet coke and Scott's 21 power Binoculars, settled back in a big leathery chair and turned all my attention to Robert Hunter! He played Ripple- an excellent NYE song and my number one choice for the set. Ripple says it all for how my year went...
Tween the Hunter and Funk Brothers set, Tree and I returned to the floor to find more familiar faces- and there was Shady Backflash! Shady was the first Deadnetter I ever met- He came to town for the Kaiser RAtdog NYE back in 98>99. I didnt know what he looked like-but he needed a place to hang for the night of the 25th- So, WE invited him for dinner, "How will I know who you are?" I enquired as I would be needing to pick him up at SFO..."I'll be the only 6ft guy standing there in a rainbow beanie with a propellar on top" and so it went!

OKay, setbreak over-back in the elevator to the suite.

THe Funk Brothers had us dancing- JOan Osborne came out and did some stuff with them and all too soon it was over...Tree and I ran back down to the floor but it was treacherous to try -even expect to get as far as the soundboard. To hundreds if not thousands of Deadheads, this was the point of the night to get as close in as possible to the stage. Tree and I were almost trapped in the deep middle but along came a blind man-red tipped white cane, and folks were kindly letting him move around-Tree and I lined up behind him and straggled back to the stairway- back up to the suite! The Dead came on and most of us were dancing. I loved being Dead Bobby Center even if it was a long way from the rail. The speakers were aimed right at us- nothing to block any of the view (The Mezzanine level is only suites- a flight of stairs away from everyone below). It was awesome!
Drat! Gotta blog off again!
But I won't forget-don't let me forget to mention the Bill Walton cake!