Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Still dealing with a bit of a situation with one of the kinder...But, everything ought to be resolved by tomorrow afternoon ..or maybe not! The end of the world is not here yet but when one of my children is down, it affects me in the deepest darkest ways. Learning differences/Dyslexia ((Bobby)) may make for an extremely creative thinking and productive adult but from my front row observance/participation here in the "Mom" role, it doesnt make for an easy childhood at all.

Thank Dog there is music to help lighten things up!!

Meanwhile, though- the ticketmaster side of the Warfield Dead saga has ended... 9:30-ish AM on Sunday, Scotto was told to get up and get down to Tower Records his mission was to obtain those tix (which went on sale at 10AM)! While he did that, I was manning both the computer and the telephone...And I was sucessfully on line -tickets about to be purchased but I hesitated to jump in- instead, I asked the Ticketmaster lady to see where the seats were- in that very instant-my almost seats disappeared off the screen- The show had SOLD OUT right then and there at 10:01 Am...OUCH!!!!!!!!!!
Scotto arrived at Tower with moments to spare-fourth in line! Bonding with everyone in line and most assuredly telling everyone about our UK adventure...Only the first guy in line was able to purchase tickets at all...not a very sunny Sunday at all!
But, things quickly improved when a fellow Deadnetter who probably would prefer not to have his/her name mentioned, offered up a possible set of spares to us! Amazing! Wonderful! Terrific!!!