Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!2004!!!!!!!!!
I'm so tired- what a fun couple of nights! Got to bed about 5am...Geez, where to begin??
The show on the 30th was a good one- basic. No openers They came, they played, we danced -essentially a warm up for the high energy fun we were treated to last night.

The day started with birthday calls from my family (still all in Hawaii for another week) and friends. Fiddled around until 4:20pm when our old buddy Ron came by to pick up the kid and I, then off to The Millers. Left the kid with the Millers' boys (they babysat) Ron and I jumped into Dave & Hillary's van from there and on to the Arena. Because, we had our suite, we spent as much time as possible checking out the goods on Shakedown Street. Lots of fun trinkets . Hillary is an artist also-she
has a studio and works in ceramics and watercolors. I believe her website is enjoyed all the inspirational goodies on view. The Lot venders were starting to roll up their wares and so we four marched to the Arena. Once indoors we took the elevator to the Mezzanine level, had hands and tickets stamped with matching numbers- this makes attempts of "stubbing up" rather futile.
Our suite was exactly across from the stage. In the entrance, there was a big coat closet and a large bathroom. The room was like a living room- two couches, a coffee table a countertop with a sink a fridge and an ice machine. Where a wall would be normally be, there was a bar area with barstools..beyond that were steps that lead down to balcony type of area with two rows of 6 big comfy leathery chairs. Lots of space and leg room. There were 2 TVs, during set breaks, we turned it on to see New Year's breaking in assorted time zones as well as to check the weather as a storm was on the way.Our balcony was separated from our neighbors by walls of plexiglass. Very cool- we could see each other but were unable to hear them unless we swung our heads out off the (low) balcony. Very nice fun people to our left and to our right! Scott and Arrow and Tree were already at home in the suite when we arrived. Scott had arranged for some catering so the fridge was prestocked with waters, beer and sodas. Champagne was on ice in the ice machine. Munchies (chips, salsas,veggies & dip and popcorn) were all around. Later on, right before midnight, Chocolate birthday cake(delicious!) and coffee with cream were delivered. A little later, Tim and Linda treated everyone to a late night supper of
hot dogs, Caesar salad and chips!!!
Next to arrive was Andrew and Rachel, then Moon.

I took a few moments before the show was too begin to go down by the soundboard and wish my friends from Deadnet and a Happy New Year! I met some folks I've only been familiar with from the internet. It's always great to meet in 3-d when the opportunity arrives. Hopefully, I'm not leaving anyone out but there have been all sorts of substances playing in my system since then but...(((((The Queen of Diamonds, The BQ, StaggerCT, Cheffy, EBeth, Boston Steve, Cali, Mazzy, Gwen, Reisha, GracefulDead, CDawg, DireWolfie, Rose, Katrinka,Twirl Girl, Boots,PEACE!, Shady Backflash, OMigod- so many more folks!!!!)))) I think I'm gonna need to take a nap before I can venture forth with the show..
Be back when I can....Got loads of photographs! One can be seen on the homepage of