Sunday, January 04, 2004

Tonight I'll be getting back to Blog about the rest of the NYE extravallama but right now, I feel a real need to post my friend Reisha's special rant about The Dead. Sort of balances out or adds to Blair's review.Reisha worked for Bill Graham for years and sometimes still wears the blue coat at local shows- Okay, Here goes:

"as to The Boyz......well, boys will be boyz...... they can ( & damnwell DO) do whatever the fuk they want. some of it, i will love. some of it, i will not. & some of it ill have to turn to the folx next to me & scream 'DO THEY have TO DO THAT?!?!?!?!?' same as i ever did. so, no big surprise/change THERE. look at their entire history. t'aint nuthin but what what theyve ALWAYS done. continued. gone on. furthur. morphed, adapted, SURVIVED!!!!!! & folx can just go piss on their OWN damn cheerios if they're resistant to the changes, the evolution that continues. NO, it aint jerry. it aint pig, or brent, or keith. it aint Bill Graham. & weather its grateful, other, too, CRSB, or the dead........the elemental SPIRIT of creation thats unique to this scene, these individuals is still there. maybe a lil older, maybe a lil grittier, greyer, forgetfull-er, but goddamnit!!!!!
  it really irks me, some of the naysayers - kicking & screaming cuz it aint the 60's no more. well, if youre that ridgid & unflexible, that unwilling to consider, for a moment the possibilities......why then, in the fuk are you still trying to identify w/ it all? you missed the bus, get off & give the seat to someone who WANTS the ride?!?!
thats all. ill climb down off my soapbox now. but keep the railing, i mite need to get up there again..... "