Saturday, January 03, 2004

Hey there!
My head is still spinning from NYE!
Scott is also still somewhat glazed over. It was just incredible fun.
Be patient with me as I wind down from the last week...
I have many notes of thanks to send out received lots of sweet gifts at the arena as well as from my little students (school resumes on Monday)...but don't let me forget to blog about my entrusting Bill Walton with a huge piece of Chocolate Decadence Birthday cake to pass on to friends behind the laminate curtain....That was crazy!! Need a little more time than I can muster up right now....

In the meanwhile, there's a campaign brewing over on the Eurodead boards to guarantee that Ratdog returns to Eurodog this Summer...And HOB in Anaheim (DisneyDog) is happening in February which indicates the possibility of a Bay Area Ratdog coming up (OH PLEASE!!!!!)