Saturday, March 26, 2005

Happy Berthaday to Scott!

My sweetz turns 48 years young today!! Not fair at all that he is aging so well and I'm turning into the apple doll version of myself more & more every day...Ah, well.
He's at work -if youre around 2318 Mission in SF, today. go tell him Happy Birthday-and let him sell you a guitar or an amp too..Place closes at 4:30pm...Tonight, We'll be heading to Palo Alto for some bertha dinner @ Gordon Biersch (yum)..

Now today being my first day of Schpring Break, I'm decluttering my sewing closet-aka-the Bobby Shrine..Might even take a photo once all is in place! Can't promise when it'll be done- Taking Kidz to the matinee and stopping by Macy's to buy the couch & chairs we liked on our furniture hunt a few weeks ago...Last week we saw a coffee table - price tag made my stomach drop but Scott sez we won't ever need to buy another one again in our lives. He's the wheeler dealer (haggles all day 6 daze a week and gets paid for it) So, if he thinks its worth it, then who am I to doubt it? Soon we will have a furnished living room which means we can invite adults (my parents ) over.
Guess I better get my shoes on & get the show on the road (geez, now I'm sounding just like mom)!

Brett Meisner is too funny!
I posted a link to his website about a year ago but here he is again...I dont know what exactly his thing is- but he is strangely appealing...