Wednesday, March 30, 2005

for a worthy cause...

Nope not gonna make it to Chicago or Milwaukee- I was reminded that I have A WEEK to paint my donation to JCC's big auction (a little girl's vanity & bench) ...Since these are my employers, there's no bailing out...I've given them quilts or painted furnishings about every year since 1985.
I had to run down and buy primer & fresh paintbrushes, but I'm ready to get going ...Luckily, the "room with no name" is nearly clutter-free and despite the sucky lighting (I'll have to drag out the old spotlights & dropclothes)) it's going to be my very temporary studio (but it's so far away from my beloved mac!) Guess I'll bring my old mac back downstairs-and load it with Scott's faves so he can enjoy his iPod (before he forgets he has one)
So before I drop off the face of the universe to start & finish the thing (i'll take pictures) Here's Cherise's review of the other night (I didnt know she was on tour?!)
"I dug Come Together last night. Started a bit rough with Bobby reading all those lyrics off a sheet (yes bq, he wore his glasses for the whole second set), but it gathered steam quite nicely, very very funky. And there was just something wonderful about hearing Bobby sing "come together ... over me".

Lotsa highlights so far, but maybe the biggest surprise for me was how absolutely kickass that Big RR Blues was to close the first set last night. I've heard a lot of versions of that song, and I never thought I would hear it sound the way it did last night. Just as it reached a rafter-shaking peak, Bobby launched into the air and landed a few feet away, right in front of his microphone, exactly on the beat. That kicked it up yet another notch, you know the feeling when it can't possible get more intense and then it does ... people were going apeshit, the word dancing hardly conveys the frenzy that tune worked us into. Goes to show, you never know where that next group musical orgasm is going to come from.

Bobby was very animated last night: leaping, jumping, dancing, windmilling, hah-ing. I think it was during a jam in Two Djinn when he was far from the mic, jamming hard, and suddenly shouted out "yeah!" like he was just overcome with joy. I knew he'd want to play Sugar Mag -- it was just one of those nights -- so I was surprised when it didn't close the second set. Then we got it for an encore, complete with a lunge or two.

Huge, sustained applause, the place was just roaring when they gathered for the bow. And spontaneous group whooping kept erupting as folks filed out.

Bobby is back in a big way. Here's hoping he can keep it up!"
Check out the K-Blog We also saw that South Park and it really was tooooooooooo funny!
yet more details about last nite-Thanks Rubyruby!
rubyruby - 01:58pm Mar 30, 2005 PDT (#83 of 86)

You're welcome twirlgirl. Here's my memories:

First of all let me say that Bobby looks fabulous, was sporting a baby blue shirt and khaki shorts.

Opens with Tommorow Never Knows, which came out of just a short little jam and Surged into the song. He forgot a couple words, and smiled.

Three little beats and they are into Tennessee Jed, for some reason Bobby switches from a green guitar to a brown one in the middle of the song.

A slight stumble on the guitar, and they are into Playin in The Band.
Next a really sultry slow Little Red Rooster...

Then, nice soft drums carry the band into Easy To Slip.

They skip into a jam with nuiances of teasing a Dark Star, and then it happened ....Dark Star!

Next, Odessa.
Dark Star>
Big Railroad Blues (oh my!!! unbelievable energy on this one, and the venue managed to keep from crumbling) The band just stopped, looked at each other and smiled.

Set 2:
Acoustic Me and Bobby McGee (no keys or horns)
then the keys enter for Me and My Uncle. Very nice ragtime keyboard solo during this one.

The horns re-enter, Bobby keeps the acoustic guitar, the rest go electric. They play a beautiful Lazy River Road. And the sweet way the keys tinked through Lazy River Road, urging and raising the sax for a lovely solo was just delightful.

Bobby switches to electric:
Come Together (complete with Audience sing-a-long)
Dark Star

Bobby gets his green guitar back:
Lady with A Fan>
Terrapin Station
Bobby leaves the stage
they play Astronomy Donomet.
Bobby re-enters:
Terrapin Station>
Dark Star Jam
and then two songs I don't know the names of:
Back Stage Hero's
Dreams are Lies/Dreaming is Real

Sugar Magnolia/Sunshine Daydream

During the 2nd? chorus of Sugar Magnolia the Right speakers clicked, and popped. Bobby's mic went out. The audience sang the words for him, Bobby slapped the mic, began singing. Then!!!....he made up for it by bringing that song yet to another level.