Thursday, February 24, 2005

You mean it's not friday, yet?

Lovingly loaded up my iPod with Anaheim & Phoenix Dog shows...Crammed a book, a note pad and some beading materials in my purse and headed out to report for Jury Duty. The court house is Redwood City- same place where the recent Scott Peterson trial was held...There are still "Media Only" signs on the barricades over there...I get called up every year for jury duty...I've only served once-a child molest case..I was dismissed once from a murder (drunk driver) case- 10 years ago...Since then, Ive been in groups that were excused after sitting around all day...One time there was tea and cookies being served because it was "National Jurors Day" They gave us bookmarks and pencils to commerate the event....Probably the only date I can actually remember was the day of the Oklahoma City Bombing...The Jury assembly room had a TV going for followers of the OJ Simpson volume though...Without volume there was no way to figure out why the TV was suddenly showing footage of the chaos in Okla..
Anyhow, after pretty much expecting the same old waiting around, I was surprised to be sent directly to a courtroom...I understand I'm not to discuss the case but suffice it to say, after I was dismissed, I came home and held my kids tight...then soaked my poor (pedal-pedal-pedal) tuchas in a a nice hot bath...followed up with a power nap...I'm happily recharged...ready for Slim's and Sweetwater events coming up this weekend...
So no Phoenix report just yet- One of these daze I'll get to it- I am listening (yes, over & over & over again) to the show...I was right it's a great show- not the smoothest but like my favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream (Chunky Monkey) it's filled with chips and chunks and swirly things. Disk 2 especially tasty- I'm a slut for BTW , October Queen and TOO- and here they all are! The Soup jam was right out there too....
I'm also giving Anaheim a first listen, I'm loviing what I'm hearing here too..
Many Garcias for this photo!
And congratulations to Alan ..For