Tuesday, February 22, 2005

From the Flying Other Brothers-

Received this afternonn-

FOB Watch EXTRA ? February 2005

Some new news!!! Read on!!!

FOB Friends:

Bear with us, if this seems redundant: Technical difficulties have confounded our efforts to let you know what?s going on with the FOBS.

The high concept:   Boxer Rocks, a celebration of Senator Barbara Boxer, one of the most conscientious voices on Capitol Hill, will take place at Slim?s in San Francisco on February 25.  The event will start with sets from David Preston, an impressive young guitarist, and Court and Spark, one of the city?s up and coming units   When the FOBs take the stage, we?ll be doing a few songs from our new studio CD, as well as getting into it with a whole string of special guests: Bob Weir will be there.  So will Boz Scaggs.  And G.E. Smith.  And Country Joe McDonald.   And David Nelson.  And Senator Boxer.
NEW CONTENT:  Just added to the guest list:  T-Bone Burnett will be performing!  The house will ROCK!

The very next night, we?ll trek back to one of our favorite spots, Sweetwater, up in Mill Valley, for a benefit to support music education in the Richmond school system.  We?ll do our part to help some of the kids who are being left behind, all rhetoric aside.   We'll have the details on this up on our website as they gel, but we hear Country Joe will be there, as will Mark Karan and the Rowan Brothers.

Come Monday (that would be the 28th), a strong FOB contingent will be lining with our friend and sometime collaborator G.E. Smith as he commits an exhibition of his inimitable blend of prowess, polish, and personality to tape ? video tape, and MHD, to boot!   (That?s Mos? High Def, or so we?ve been led to believe).  The venue is one of the best: the Great American Music Hall, and the headliner on the bill is none other than Hot Tuna!!!!

So here's the fine print:

*************** Friday February 25, 2005 ***************

333 11th Street
San Francisco, California

Barbara Boxer Rocks!
Flying Other Brothers (CD release) with special guests
Boz Scaggs
David Nelson
Bob Weir
G.E. Smith
Country Joe McDonald
David Nelson
JUST ADDED!!!! T-Bone Burnett!!!

Court and Spark
David Jacob-Strain

Showtime: 8:00 PM  (Doors: 7:00 PM)
Ticket price: $12

*************** Saturday, February 26, 2005 ***************
Benefit for Music Education in Richmond Schools
153 Throckmorton Ave.
Mill Valley, CA

Show time: 8pm (we think)
Price: $25 ? remember, it?s a benefit!!!

*************** Monday, February 28, 2005 ***************
G.E.Smith and Friends
Hot Tuna
with Special Guest David Lindley

The Great American Music Hall
859 O'Farrell Street
San Francisco, CA
Doors 7:30 pm, show starts at 8:00 pm
Tickets $20

Event/ticket info: (415) 885-0750 or www.musichallsf.com


One more good reason to visit http://www.fob.com :

**** Free Music ****

There is a new Pay It Forward release in the works.  Will it be one of the Little Feat shows?  The Treehouses extravaganza? Is the suspense killing you?  All you need to do to get the answers you?re hungering for is register.

If you aren?t familiar with it, Pay It Forward is a program under which we distribute high quality recordings of live shows to fans who promise to make copies and pass them on to friends.  The deal is simple.  You sign up in the Tapers? Section of our website (http://www.fob.com) and we send you free CDs.   All we ask is that you make copies and give them to three friends or more.  More is definitely better.  The whole idea is to spread the music far and wide.


***** Roger Wrote A Book!!!! *****

That?s right.  Our lead singer and ?conductor? wrote a book.   It?s called The New Normal and was published in November by the Portfolio imprint of Penguin Books.

The New Normal is a roadmap for making the most of family, career, and your personal finances in a world turned upside down by technology and globalization, but where individuals have new and exciting opportunities.

The book is available at bookstores everywhere and through Amazon.com.

Roger has also started a blog.   The book was the excuse, but the blog covers all sorts of stuff.  It is available at http://www.thenewnormal.com.   Check it out.


The Flying Other Bros are:
Roger McNamee, rhythm guitar
Ann McNamee, percussion
Jim Sanchez, drums
Pete Sears, keyboards
Barry Sless, lead and pedal steel guitar
Bert Keely, guitar and trumpet
TBone Tony Bove, harmonica
Bill Bennett, bass

The FOBs crew:
Howard Danchik, live engineer
Stacy Parrish, studio and live recording engineer
David Claytor, road manager
Chris Flum, crew chief
Paul Dulany, crew
Dawn Holliday, spiritual advisor

The FOBs also are:
Giles McNamee
Larry Marcus
Corinne Monnard Marcus
G.E. Smith