Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Okay, I'll admit to have been MIA for the last couple of weeks...Stuff just keeps happenin and....
It was fun to be back at KPFA!
I didnt even know Dark Star Orchestra were gonna be there! I didnt even know for sure what time I'd be going out there...Was hoping and did go along with Kemmie- but if she wasnt going I had planned to go to the city with Scott (really early in the morn) and catch BART over to Berkeley...David was awesome as usual...The office was filled with very nice people- a few I already knew- Linda & Bob(the taper)..Met some nice folks too- I cant remember the exotic name of the cute man who sat to the left of me but do remember Russ, Josh, Leah & Stav...My first caller was ((Katrinka)) from Deadnet! And ((Graceful Dead)) also a Deadnet Goddess, was Kemmie's first caller...I didnt recognize the names of the other callers-if they were online or what- they were all patient with me and nice to chat with too..
The silliest call was someone asking me if DSO was still at the studio and could I go ask them when they would play in ______ county?
And speaking of DSO-
Ive seen them 2x...once because they were playing in Redwood City's Little Fox Theater (cute venue a few towns away from mine) I thought it was fun...Like a sing along...The next time, DSO was playing at a fundraiser for Rex...Or something(?) and I was right there on the rail when The Real Bobby came out and played alongside the DSO Bobby...Certainly memorable...but not at all confusing- the DSO Bobby is for sure a nice looking man and does a good job simulating Bobby's posture- but c'mon, there's just one Bobstar...imho...Kem got a photo of the Bobby and the Jerry - its up on my website
I dont even know what time the DSO bus pulled up- and I wasnt quite sure who was in the band and who was crew...
When the time came for the DSO to play - most everyone cleared out of the phone room and tippy toed into the studio to see the band...I had a cup of coffee and figured I would stand in about the same place in the doorway as I had for Ratdog..but the door was closed- no way I could juggle coffee and deal with doors..so was okay to just peek through the glass- David saw this and beckoned for me to come in- he even came over to open the door! what with the DSO in the middle of playing and all...Such a cool guy!!!
DSO, seemed very happy to be there! The drummers were using (REALLY!) the bottom of a wastepaper basket and a cardboard box for drums- with brushes & sticks...The Donna sang a pretty song...The Jerry and the Bobby sounded great!! What a treat to be there..Live and lovely Cassidy and Ripple on a rainy Saturday afternoon- :0)..