Monday, February 07, 2005

Here comes sun shine

The line into the venue was moving at a creeping pace...Right before entering the venue one is sent to one of about 6 security guys... Every entrant gets their very own guy! They look in the purses/bags and then run a metal detecting wand all around you....I had no metal and had a mostly empty purse and was free to RUN into the venue - I took one quick glimpse around - my last view of Dave for the night turned out to be him standing there arms held straight out as the security guy waved the wand around him.....
Someone inside pointed me toward the floor and at the floor in the front center were a group of Deadnet women. Kem & I were invited over and there was still lots of room..I ended up by Queen of Diamonds -not on the rail but behind Julie who was on the rail..This Julie is only about 5 ft tall and recognizing a good thing, I decided I’d manage to be able to see pretty well as long as I was behind her...So, yeah, I was dead Bobby center- a great location for most people but almost too intense for me..but there was no space left on the Nether ends of the rail...I was happy to be near so many of my Weirpuppies- Dick, Vera, Kem, Tree, Adrienna, WDPJay was on the other side of the couple (Rich & Mandy) next to me. Behind me on my left was a guy who looked like trouble even in a motorized wheelchair...He was yelling at me..I turned to say “hunh?” and he mumbled at me and dropped a full plastic cup of some alchohalic liquid on my feet....I heard him hounding the guys (Rich & Jay) in front of him for rolling papers and telling them he needed more beer.
The guy was a total distraction all the way through the first set, harassing the women and ramming his wheelchair into the guys....All I kept hearing about this particular HOB was that the security was tough but they were no where in sight when things were getting rough..and people-already packed in like sardines were getting knocked about by this guy.....It crossed my mind more than a few times to pull out my cell phone and CALL the HOB to complain Since I already had the number keyed in -LOL- it could work
“Hello? Give me Security, please..Hullo, Security? Could you send someone to the second row Dead Kenny Center to remove the abusive drunk?”
.It was sad...everyone started off trying to be kind but there’s only so much that can be tolerated when you are there for the music...Well, as I said...Drunken Motorized wheelchair guy scooted away before the second set but only after finally driving the rail guys to let him in front of them-where he proceeded to try twirling around in the thing- further pissing everyone off...It was a huge relief when he left....but lets get on with the show, already.
The room was flooding up with people at rapid pace...You could feel the squeeze for space and it was for a moment, kind of scary...Across the sea of heads I could see Reisha on the rail by Jeff..Next to her, someone pointed out Chez/Cheesy Poof- He’s the guy who has been posting the countdown for each upcoming show every day on all the message boards..It’s always special to meet someone as Bobsessive as myself! Then, there stood NORMAN SANDS!!!! Norman!!! Havent seen the fellow since the UK and wished I knew he was going to be there so I couldve tried to visit a little more with him! I was so excited, I called Scott again and let him speak to Norman....
Around then I heard someone say “There’s Sweet Ann Marie” ..Another faceless name from the boards- that I had to meet and THANK for the miracled ticket! If you get around to reading this, SAM, I wished I had found you later to at least buy you a beverage- Next time, for sure!!
Things were crazy, space was tight but everyone was excited....The lights went down and the guys came out and well, here’s a setlist:

HOB 2/04/O5
I: Jam > Here Comes Sunshine > Help on the Way > Slipknot! > Easy to Slip > Supplication,
Little Red Rooster > Bird Song > It's All Over Now > She Says > Liberty
II: Jam@3 > Blackbird@3 > Friend of the Devil@3>5, When I Paint My Masterpiece@5>6 > Jam > Playin in the Band > Jam* > Row Jimmy > Two Djinn > Foolish Heart > Slipknot! > Franklin's Tower
E: Touch of Grey
 *-w/out Bobby; Kenny on touchpad during "Bird Song" and cowbell during "Row Jimmy"; First "Row Jimmy"