Saturday, February 26, 2005


I've got a mass of stuff to do before I can rush over to the Sweetwater and am only allowing my self a few minutes to tap something...
Last night, Barbara Boxer asked for 4 minutes to say what she needed to say and it worked out pretty well for her so, I'm trying it now...If only I were as eloquont a speaker as the Senator! We were behind Railybirds Vera & Dick -up close Dead Bobby Center and BB looks awesome- I want to be just like her when I grow up- I think Ive mentioned that here before!
Slim's scene was pleasant compared to HOB & Phoenix...Not as crazy up front there..except for a few things- a girl with a cam appeared next to me -barging in front of our friend Debbie (who was on my left) Not that Debbie cared at all but This was a NO CAMERA show...Everyone was warned about cameras repeatedly while in line.At last a Slim's security guy appeared and they argued about it for awhile...and I ended up in front of that guy who has to yell all through the show- ugh-then it was the guy who looks just like a really scary Jerry Garcia that wedged over a bunch of people..Ive seen this guy at other shows and he just stands there scowling at Bobby- yuck- he kept pushing into me but I'm as big as he is and twice as surly about standung my ground and he finally moved along......Cant I just one time not have to be right next to the tzuris during a show?
GE Smith was a shock to see- I knew he'd be there but didnt care til I saw him...Grew up watching him on SNL...the pony tail is gone but he looks the same..plays a groovy riff still..Boz, I'm in lust with- Use to see him ALL the time when I worked on Union Street in SF..The shop I worked in (Sutro Baths) was directly across the street from Boz's Blue Light Cafe..Scott and I ate there almost every free Saturday night for about a year and a half- it was convienent and the food was delish...if Boz was there he'd always amble over and ask how the meal was going...It was lovely to see him on stage again and he looks better than ever and still sounds great...Bobby is a God...but I think I'm suddenly in lust with the Boz! I love men who love food and guitars a wrinkle and a touch of gray just fuel the flames...
Ruh Roh- on;y 3 minutes left for this stream of conciousness to continue forwrd...
Bobby! Bobby! Bobby!!
The queer eye gys mustve rung him up! He was looking his best for BB! I knew whatever the deal was with him, that he would be there for Barbara Boxer- and you know that too if you know anything about our Bobstar...He seemed improved in everyway since Phoenix- and I loved how Phoenix went- I've gotta run...Getting ready for MK & David and Sweetwater!
Gotta get my music going and spirits raised before the boys go on tour!