Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I don't know where to start?
Kemmie swung by and off we went in search of Van Ness @ Sutter st. in the city- as we rolled by on Sutter we could see a bunch of media vans from local news stations and a RED carpet!!! On the Van Ness side, there was a huge line of people....We found a parking garage and hiked on over..Closer up there were 2 lines-the long one and a much shorter one by the entry...The long line was for people with tickets the short one was "The List"...I didnt have tickets-I had gotten an invitation that gave me a phone number to RSVP at, So I figured I must be "on a list" So, I got in that line and hoped it was gonna work out- I had RSVP'd to a voicemail and because I don't have enough things to worry about-had worried about my RSVP getting lost or unnoted...but that was silly because there my name was-big letters right on the list! Phew!
Kemmie and I were each given a handbill with something stamped on it- this would be our ticket into the afterparty....We went right into the theater (a contemporary glass & steel cineplex).. Dead notables were schmoozing all around us...Cameron, Dennis, Billy & his wife, Mickey too...Kems and I hung out to gape at Bobby & his family as they popped out of a big stretchy limo and walked up the red carpet, where Bobby chatted for quite awhile with reporters- couldnt hear what was being said but it was fun enough to be so close up and to see the whole family looking very glamourous..Bobby was in a suit & tie (brown or gray,light shirt) His amazing wife was in a sheer but multi-layered wispy, 3 quarter length black art nouveau era looking dress-with very cool details- Natascha wore it well and even Joam Rivers wouldve dug on it!! The little girls had their party dresses on..they are beautiful- both have bottomless dark eyes and dimples like the Bobstar as well as the incredible high cheekbones and olive sleekness of their Momstar...Jack and Milena were looking good and happy - Milena also in a lovely dress-lacy and black...I was happy to be just be there and grinning ...
But enough of the gaping- Kems and I went inside and about half the place (a very typical movie theater) was corded off for people with color coded VIP tickets (which we had not) We were close up and since Im horribly nearsighted it was all good! After a few moments, our fellow Deadnetters were among us ((Dire, Gwen,Anagram, Katrinka)) Later on we would see ((Reisha & CDawg)) and ((TwrlGirl))
I turned around just as Bobstar and his family were sitting down...cool, I thought- I'm at the movies with Bobby-sorta!
Gonna have to stop here for now- The buyers are sending their banking guy here to do an appraisal- Gotta make the place presentable!