Wednesday, July 14, 2004

back to WOWOWOW mode...its been busy here and it wasnt til 11:30pm last nite that I even had a chance to tell Scotto about all the fun we had at the Premiere & Party!

Yep, no grander moment in recent memory than sitting there with 1970 Bobby bigger than ,well, life in front of me-while at the same time there sits the LIVE- REAL DEAL!! Bobby behind me (several rows but completely visable!). I know I mustve asked Kemmie "Is this really happening?" at least once..sort of like when we were at the ACLU luncheon back in December...Our team of Deadnetters sat back as the film began...

The movie was excellent and definately a companion experience to The Grateful Dead Movie and Closing of Winterland movies..a must have when it comes out on dvd-which I sure hope happens...Jerry is so happy and young and charismatic and funny...Janis, well, the never seen singing is such a gift to everyone after all these years..she is just a girl exploding with talent and energy...Pig pen is also there but there is not much of him....Bobby is just a pup- mostly low key- a little playful with the camera person but lets it all out about how he feels about the kids who had been violent during a riot..Go Bobby Go!!

There are scores of insightful -fun-great moments in this film- It's just best you all go see it when it comes to your city!

The film ended too soon- I'dve been into seeing more film but that's how it goes.. I tried very hard not to stare at Bobby and his family as I walked up the aisle -I only peeked over but there he be-looking really pleased with the film, chatting away with someone...sigh!
Out to the street, back to the parking garage- I already forgot what the reason was but we had to stop by the car...On our way back down the street, on the way to GAMH for the afterparty, we again had to pass the cineplex- Kems noticed a janitor taking down a huge Festival Express poster and asked him for it..and so,it was hers! Very cool!

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