Wednesday, July 28, 2004

more pilfering of deadnet posts- Blair turned up today in a discussion:

Blair Jackson - 12:02pm Jul 28, 2004 PDT (#286 of 292)

I remember being at some benefit event at the Marin Civic sometime in the late 80s where there was a little press conference before the show to raise awareness of whatever cause it was, and there was a bunch of earnest young teens talking about their cause and the importance of voting, etc. And Jerry and Bob were sitting at the table with them. Dennis McNally always looked to me to ask the first question at these sorts of events (believing, bless him, that I might not ask some stupid straight press-type question)so I said to Jerry something along the lines of "You've always said you would not vote and that you had no faith in that system, but here are all these kids imploring all of us to vote in hopes of creating a better world. Aren't some things worth voting for or against...and you don't want to let down this cause you believe in, right?" He kinda laughed and hemmed and hawed and said that, "Yeah this is maybe the sort of thing that would make someone like me actually vote..." A year or two later I asked him if he voted and he said "Naaah" and laughed.

Kids, don't follow the very poor example of Mr. Jerome John Garcia. Vote in November!