Saturday, July 24, 2004

Hopefully, this Hank Parsons guy won't mind us reading his review of last Night's Dead show here (St Louis, Missouri) goes!

Hank Parsons - 05:46am Jul 24, 2004 PDT (#293 of 305)

Shakedown>After Midniight was just an insane way to open the show. Energy level was just huge.

Minglewood was an excellent vehicle for Bobby, Jimmy, and Warren to show off their chops. Great blues jam.

New Potato Caboose was all the psychadelic glory you would expect. Perfect way for Phil to step up and say hello. As New Potato wound down, the boys reared back and kicked us square in the rear with an absolutely raging Viola Lee Blues. Good lord in the morning was this combo ever outstanding.

West L.A. was lots of fun and Keep on Growing was just too much. I mean seriously, Keep on Growing ??? Crowd was eating it up. Warren and Phil singing was a thing of beauty.

Nice Down the Road to start set 2 into party-rocker Loose Lucy. Lucy you certainly are a fine woman!

He's Gone was very well played. Bobby has really taken ownership of this song.

Eyes of The World was beautiful. Best jamming of the night (up to this point in the show anyway). People around me were absolutely going nuts, hooting and hollering as the jams got tighter and tighter. When we are screaming for the players to keep pushing it, you know it is good.

D/S was good.

Fantasy was perfect. I did not recognize it until Warren started singing but once he did, I didn't want him to stop! Warren is made for that song.

Milestones was very well played and H/S/F was really too much. I mean, it was awesome.

Ripple was the perfect way to send us home.

Overall, the show completely surpassed my expectations. They set the bar very high for leg 2. If Alpine and Deer Creek are this good, no one is going home unsatisfied.