Tuesday, July 13, 2004

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Kemmie - 08:05am Jul 13, 2004 PDT (#159 of 162)

WOW!!! What a fun movie...so many laughs, and a couple tears too...Jerry, (in tie dye just about every scene) Janis (just so beautiful and soulful....cry baby) and Bobby looking oh so sweet.... (16 dollar tickets). Jerry to Janis...Janis, I've loved ya since the day I met ya... I would buy this DVD too.

((((((((((Irenie)))))))))) it was your night sweetie!!! smooch, smooch....teheheeee!
  Thank-you so much for thinking of me! And for getting my poster signed by the bobstar!! I can't believe I walked downstairs only minutes before...."Hi Kemmie, Bobby Weir"!!

Let's see...in the magic mirror I saw ((((((((((Irenie)))))))))), ((((((((((Dire Wolf)))))))))), ((((((((((Anagram)))))))))), ((((((((((Katrinka)))))))))), ((((((((((Gwen)))))))))), ((((((((((Reisha and Tom))))))))))

and From Katrinka:

There are two full length Janis songs and lots more Janis on the train.

This movie is fantastic - too short, but from the articles I've seen about the making of the movie, it sounds like it was a miracle that they were able to recover as much (of the film) as they did.

Jerry in the impromptu jams on the train is relaxed and funny - and never a black shirt in sight. Jerry in tie-dye, oh my!

The sound is excellent - wonders of modern technology - and they cranked up the volume for us.

It's really worth seeing this in a theatre.

Nothing can compare to the feeling of being in a theatre, surrounded by like-minded folks, seeing and hearing this amazing documentary at full size and full sound. Even the best home theatre system is inadequate for recreating the experience.