Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I'm stealing this Report from Deadnet (again) The BQ has come through!

the bq - 02:14pm Jul 28, 2004 PDT (#5340 of 5348)
nothing is ever escaped

Quick bobweirgirlscout report for my felloe weirophiles, before I forget everything....

Alpine - he was in the groove but was all business, not many smiles but singing strong. His hair is way long. He does look a tad more tired than usual, imho.

Deer Creek - much more animated, way more smiles, very intense on Deep Elem, GDTRFB & during Sugar Mag, looking truly possessed. I'm glad Tiny Dancer had the scoop on the emergence of the Fairy Princess during the enore; I missed part of it cause I left

my nice close seat when WH started High Time, I just couldn;t take another song by the guy. My intention was to leave altogether (which would have been a first w/Bobby on stage) but my bred in the bone Polish stubborness kicked in & I hit the ladies room instead :). Watched part of AWBYGN from outside the pavilion, on the video screen & when I realized she was out there,I went back in. Bobby lifting her on his shoulders was a very nice moment,esp. surrounded by the band.

Pine Knob - Again, more animated & smiley...prior to coming out, he was standing around with his tech (that guy works hard, I'll tell ya) Mickey etc. He was spraying his guitar & pointed it at Mickey's hair; when it was time to go on, he made this Lets Go gesture to the rest of the band (except Phil, who was on the other side & in somewhat of a cranky mood,it seemed). During Althea, the fairy priness emerged again with another little girl, about 4 yrs old. They just stood there like statues, holding hands & then Chloe toddled out (or Monet went to get her, i forget; she's quite the little mother hen, making sure all her charges were comfy) (And she's very comfy running between her mom & dad on stage) Bobby's youngest is a female mini Bobby (she looke SO much like him); for awhile she just stood there holding her sisters hand but 2 or 3 times, she just went & stood in front of Bobby & gazed at him. When he saw her come out he smiled but when she was looking at him, he played his guitar right to her & got this gooey look on his face, like fathers can get looking at their little girls, it was a classic moment. Monet stuck around, fidgeting with her dress & hair, doing some leg kicks, sitting with her face in her hand & just staring. All the little girls were adorable.