Saturday, July 31, 2004

Every muscle aches but it's good to be in the new house! Still running back and forth tween houses- cleaning up the old one and sleeping in the new one almost everything is in boxes but obviously not the computer...
Boston sounds like it was an exceptional show-right on the heels of the other DNC (Democrat Convention)...Here's a post that looks like it sums up the vibe:

jackstrawdc - 08:10am Jul 31, 2004 PDT (#874 of 876)

Ok.... WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED LAST NITE? I just walked back into my house in DC after the buttcrack o' dawn SW flight from PVD-BWI, and I'm still shaking! It was as if I picked out all my favorite versions of my best concert downloads, and put them into one show. Unbelievable. Epic. Amazing. Mind-blowing! Best show I've seen/heard of since Jerry, and in the top 3 including him. WOWWWWWWWWW.

It was non-stop.... Bobby was on fire after watching Kerry's convention speech.... the show was a purley political statement. ON FIRE!!!

The dude in the 10th row holding up the "help is on the way" sign from Kerry's speech also knew what the opening song was gonna be. But shit, who knew about the rest of it. SMOKING.

I should be exhausted, but I'm still wowwed. Funny thing is I came back to DC after seeing alpine through pine knob. But I knew I wanted to take in a few more before the end... Watched the acceptance speech thursday nite with some friends, and when they started holding up the help onteh way signs, I knew that second that the show was gonna be epic. Bobby and the boys were off and watching the speech too. Hell.... knowing bobby, he was probably there! Left work after a meeting friday am, got on a SW standby flight, fought traffic in providence, got lost in mansfield, and made it in by 6:55.

Serendipity. wow.

peace friends. need to recover.