Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Once again Den comes through with an inspiring show review-
T (#687 of 701)
I think we're all bozos on this bus

Set 1:
Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion(Finally they open with it, it's a perfect opener. Very uptempo beat with thunderous phil thumps while they all sing, "hey hey, hey come right away-come and join the party every day" as the kids scramble to their seats.)

Cold Rain & Snow>(Big bouncy jam with the cool wind breezing in, it was rather chilly for being late july in Indiana)

Bertha(After a real strong start they jump into this head first and really stretch out the jams with jimmy and warren both going for it, especially jimmy who was on a mission tonight, He was asleep at bonnaroo and alpine. Danced my ass off to this one.)

You Remind Me>(This was by far the highlight of the show for me, warren sung this RH/MH tune and it's sublime. Huge platform to jump off and it was great to hear they tackle this. This is truly a monster, if mickey can write this good of music while someone else sings I think he should take over. It's not like "strage world" or his other wierd songs, this was different, great melody. btw I like his wierd songs too.)

Liberty(This had me grinning ear to ear, jimmy soaring again!!)

Box Of Rain(Wierd position in the setlist but always welcomed in my trip)

Big River>(The next 2 songs to close the set was pure ROCK n ROLL. Never seen such a high energy first set with so many dance songs. Warren just spewing licks. Jeff is the best the GD world has seen, he just "fits". Big build up to the end and bob throws his hands up and sings, "I give up, I've had enough, followed my blues on down to the gulf - she love you big river more than me" cleary into it and having a blast with all the frenzied freaks.

Cumberland Blues(Classic old time sounding song turned into psychedelic rollercoaster ride. Jimmy and Warren go waaay up the mountain where the big dogs eat.)

Only an hour first set but it counted.

Set 2:
#*Desperado (WH)(No comment)

Jack Straw>(This was hot, showed why they are still the best in the biz, no one does it like them, "Jack Straw from Wichta cut his buddy down" BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!! Thank you phil :^)

Night Of 1000 Stars(Phil owns this song, thought he was gonna blow me up to pieces)

@Deep Elem Blues(A lot better than what I heard at RR last year, tasty acoustic likcs from bobby and had the bounce this song needs)

Only The Strange Remain>(This was a full frontal assult on your senses. They got really dark here, warren going down lonley streets and empty roads, so dark I was afraid for people in the audience. For the folks who persevered you were rewarded as they climbed back up the stairs and hit with a dizzying array of effects. I sware I heard some dinosaur bird swooping around somewhere.

Drumz>(Completely different from the night before, mickey was playing with more beats)

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds>(Again phil driving the band)

Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad>(Jeff leads the band while the rest holds on for dear life, did I say this was dancing night? Whew!!)

Sugar Magnolia(Just when you thought you could rest your tired bones you get hit with the ULTIMATE ROCKER, phat sunshine daydream jam as phil chases jimmy around, bobby so into it that it his eyes are buggin out)

E: High Time(Been praying for this all month and was singing it in the lot all day. Warren fuckin Haynes I can't say enough, something different about him this summer not sure what it is but he seems really "there". This will be a moment I treasure for years.

And We Bid You Goodnight(Perfect way to follow "high time" it was after all sunday and it was a blessed day. Bobby's daughter standing behind daddy while the rest of the boys stroll over behind bobby and warren, phil as their voices blended in and out, "and we bid you goodnight goodnight good night. It's was a family night you could see in their faces. I just don't know how much more you can ask of them, this is who they are.