Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Gotta find some babysitters!

It's so hard to belive it's already November. Here in the Bay Area, it was like Autumn didnt exist. Went from a heatwave to hail in a day! Well, the true sign of time whipping by is that the New Years shows have been announced and tickets are already available. I purchased 2 for the 30th and 3 for the 31st. The 31st is my birthday- can't miss Senor Bob then!

The 3rd ticket is for my nine year old Noah- in case we can't work out a babysitter for him. My other kids will be going on vacation with my folks to Maui. Good thing Noah, really does like the music and knows lots of the songs.He takes Djembe lessons and enjoys watching the drumz segments on the View from the Vault series.

On the Eurodog tour of 2002, we met Austin- a young boy who was enjoying the shows with his folks. Whenever he wasnt dancing along, he had his gameboy & headphones to keep him busy. If he could handle a tour like that, Noah ought to be able to make it through a night.

All sorts of fun stuff coming up- this weekend is the Rex Benefit- I finished all the funky shroom birdhouses and the smoker - Scott sent them over to the Rex offices today. That show is happening this weekend at the Fillmore. On the 13th of December is the Seva benefit which takes place at The Berkeley Community Theater (wonderful acoustics!) The Dead & Jackson Browne (and others) areplaying. Scott and I bought (donated for) premier seating and will be hitting the post show reception. It's not every month we have so much going on around here.

After spending a few days painting funky intensive mushroom shaped birdhouses & smokers- I went out on a nonshopping trip to my favorite shops. At a bookstore, I finally got to thumb through the new book "Illustrated Grateful Dead". It's incredible! It's big and heavy and crammed full of stuff like timelines...The first page I opened to had a bio on Jeff Chimenti (as a player in The Dead). I was afraid of spending too much time looking through it- it's a thing to be savored. Will have to purchase it as a gift for "us" closer to the holidays.

The various weirsites are mentioning that the profile on the Charlie Rose segment of 60Minutes2 will be on November 12th.