Sunday, November 23, 2003

Alrighty then!
Bobdog Fall tour is over and so, my guys should be on their way home!
The tour ended in NOLA at the HOB.
My first out of state show was Ratdog @ HOB NOLA - I think it was 3 years ago. We met Topher there as well as Neal Smith and his crew from the Rat Trap. It was the first time Scott and I went anywhere without our kids. The show was taking place on Scott's birthday and it seemed to be about time we saw a show on Scott's birthday- since we always see a show on mine. We both had longed to take a look at New Orleans- He loves the Anne Rice series and I like anything with flavor and New Orleans has plenty of flavor! Somehow we found someone to watch the kids and the dogs and so, we took off to NOLA .

We were only away for a few days. The first night we just sort of wandered -Scott wanted to play at Harrah's- I don't gamble so paced around and got lost inside - it's one huge casino! Finally, Scott got tired of losing money and so we hit the all night buffet which was enormous. From the corner of my eye I saw Jeff & Jay with Kris Z. I thought to be cool and let the guys alone- but as Scott and I were both wearing tee shirts with "RATDOG" emblazoned across our chests- the guys noticed us first and commented on our shirts...So what if it was 3am, these fellows were great! Friendly and gracious- they wished Scott a happy birthday and chatted a little before filling their trays up.

The next day we continued to wander the streets of the French Quarter, shopping and eating our way back and forth. At some point a few familiar looking charactors- Mark and Wass with his fiancee passed by us on the street. We got a quick "Hey There!" from the always friendly Senor Karan and kept moving along.

A very nice feature for rail grabbers is that if you dine at HOB-NOLA right before a show, you are put in an early venue entrance line. We enjoyed Scott's birthday dinner and got into our line and soon found our space on the rail (Under MK- wearing his orange sneakers) and met Topher who was standing by us, dazzling us with his extensive Yiddish vocabulary.

The show was smokey and yummy. Irwin Mayfield (I think it was him) was a guest horn player. It was a grand old time!

The next morning, before packing up, we went for coffee and beignets. My mind was swirling around from everything and biting into a hot greasy beignet I flashed on an idea for creating a dessert with Weir Sauce. Once home, I but thoughts into motion and came up with the Weir Bananas recipe which won me ,a meeting with Bobby and then ended up getting published in Chili Pepper Magazine. I think the recipe is still up at