Thursday, November 20, 2003

At long last, The NYE thing is nailed...We have 12 folks in one suite and not 24 in 2. Moon Devyl (Joe) and his friend are joining Arrow, Tree, Dave,Hillary, Tim, Linda,Karen, Ron, Scott and I.

A relief to not have to figure this out anymore- Instead it's time to focus on more pressing concerns such as getting revved up for the Seva benefit!!
And also, that Ratdog is about to wrap up the Fall tour- which to the well trained Bobby watcher, indicates it's time to get resources prepared for the spontaneous Bob pop ups around the Bay Area- Anyone remember last December 23rd?? Out of the blue with 2 daze warning, Bobby and Sammy Hagar put on a show at The New George's saloon in San Rafael. It was a benefit for Ritter House and admission was $25 bucks and a giftcard suitable for a teen ager. This was Hagar's idea and wasnt it fantastic of Bobby to jump right in! It was quite a show- Sammy's style is almost the opposite of Bobby's- Sammy is quite a ham and chats the audience from the stage, chides and jokes with his band. He got Bobby going! Never saw or heard that crazy side of the usually low key Bob on stage before! He was REALLY funny! Of course, it may have been the Cabo Wabo talking as Sammy made everyone on stage take a swig from a bottle which then was passed through the audience!
Yes, must now make a list of last minute school night Babysitters as well as earmark some funds for who knows what & where Bob might be up to! Gots to be ready for Going where the wind blows!