Sunday, November 16, 2003

NYE in the suite at the Oakland Arena is a go! At the moment, a pair of friends are trying to get a "better" suite and if they do come up with another suite then we will have room for another 4-8 people in our suite. The suite's maximum limit is 16 people. If they don't then we are maximum capacity...Here's what we have:
We have an Al Attiles Suite which is located at the very back (facing the stage) of the arena. Obviously not close in but the view is unobstructed (bringing telescopes & binoculars. There are 12 Theater seats looking out on the action there are additional barstools looking over the theater seats.

Dealing with the changing number of people has been occupying all my Weir Freak time. Now it's just a matter whether the one couple are able to come up with their own suite or not. Hate to admit it's kinda fun to watch em scramble around to find something better than what fell into our laps. But if anyone can ferret out a better deal it's these folks!

Ah, I'm listening to one of Ratdog's recent Beacon shows- I had heard it might be as good as Bilston was...So far it is intense. But it's impossible to expect a show on cd could ever exceed a live experience. Portland, Santa Cruz, Bilston, Cologne are my especially favorite shows having been there and zoning out to the magic as it was being created.

Okay, back to painting this chair for little Hayden- The guy who commissioned it needs it by tomorrow night, so I better go focus on finishing it!

Will be back as soon as there is something Bobby Weirthy to discuss.