Friday, November 28, 2003

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving! Ours went smoothly-if you don't count the 2 times Mom's artfully arranged Fall foliage table top decorations caught fire from the multiple tea candles also scattered about the table...My sister and BIL are the epitomy of Marin suave- they quietly put out the flames mid conversation.

A while back, I was rummaging through a closet and came upon a perfectly sealed set of Bobby's "Baru Bay" book with audio cassette. It mustve been a gift for me that I put aside as I already (of course) at the time had the book and tape. I brought it along and seeing as my nephew and niece are no longer tots- I gifted them with it...My sister loves the illustrations- which along with some of the story were created by Bobby's sister Wendy Weir.
There is also another story by the Weir siblings- it's "Panther Dreams" and it's also on video tape. You know I have these also! On the audio and video of these stories, Bobby does the narrations as well as arranging the background music....These are really nice books, I don't know if they are still in circulation or what, but, I know I've seen them on ebay, so if you can't find them on Wendy's website or GD merchandising- check ebay for Bob Weir items. I've been showing the video and the books to my classes for a few years now- it's nice, not too scary - a good tool for a little geography lesson too.
Next, on my "Class Wish list" is The latest Dan Zanes kiddy cd, Bobby (among several guest artists) sings a song "Wabash Cannonball"... Of course, what we really need is an entire Kiddy CD by Bobby...Don'tcha think???