Saturday, November 22, 2003

I asked for a Blog upgrade and now that I can see the options, I have no clue on how to work with them- oy!
I've been listening to cds all day and its been Heaven! Today my favorite song is El Paso. I'm loving in particular, the 03-04-03 El Paso. While we were on the rail at that Fillmore show - the El Paso slipped my mind. My favorite memory from the show was that it was my first Robin Sylvester Ratdog show. I missed The Wass but not as much as I had expected to. When the show was over, I lingered on the dance floor as most of the crowd scrunched together to file out through the narrow hallways then down stairs to get outside. During my loitering, I found Robin standing around. I went over to him, whipped out my tourbook and sharpie and asked him for an autograph...He looked surprised and perhaps a little skeptical, I tried explaining that I have all the Doggers signatures and needed his as well. He seemed really uncomfortable with the entire request and the women yelling teasing remarks from the balcony where the Aftershow party was taking place did not help the situation at all.
Some months later, in Milton Keynes, I approached Robin again, after the show,on the dance floor and this time requested a photo- the one with Luke. Robin had been having his photo taken but mightve been about to spring for freedom when I asked, but he was a good sport and did the photo with us and was already gone a second later (it turned out really dark and its not on the website).
The mood in Manchester was exceptionally festive. It had been a short but great tour. By this time, I think Robin realized that as weird as I am, I'm harmless and so the photo I had taken of him at that point is labelled as the real Robin smiling one. I love his contributions to the band as I much as I appreciated The Wass's uniqueness. By all accounts that I'm hearing - Bobdog is peaking this Fall- Robin is being highly praised by all. YAY TEAM! Gonna go back and give that El Paso yet another good listen!