Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Still Weir Freaking!
It's suddenly all about New Year's Eve!

As we had actually decided to bring along our 9 year old son (our other kids go to Maui with my folks during Winter Break) Friends from Los Angeles phoned to say they were coming up to go to New Year's with us (they automatically knew we would be going). They have sons-older than our guy and their oldest agreed to babysit for us. Our kiddo was definately thrilled to be hanging out with the big guys instead of schlepping out to Oakland with the folks (phew!).

Okay, now that put a decidedly different spin on NYE! But wait! It gets better! Hubby's cousin is a full on multiseat Golden State Warrior season ticket holder (the arena is their venue). Cousin Grateful has the option as a season ticket holder to buy luxury suite tickets to non Basketball events and has most graciously offered to order suite tix for us for NYE! THe new goal is to find enough folks to fill a suite with.
Suites are rooms on the mezzanine and concourse levels of the arena with party areas in them- they have private bathrooms, closed circuit TVs, you can bring food or order it (like room service) up to the box. Has its own entrance and parking..Best of all- room to dance and nice seats.....I teased Scott about not being able to hang on to the suite idea and have my 50th birthday (NYE is my birthday) party in one (almost 5 years to go) He says we gotta grab it now-who knows from year to year what will be. So glad he does most of the thinking around here. So far there are 6 of us in on the suite seats..Wouldve been more had we heard about this prior to buying tickets (we now need to sell our regular tix)
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