Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Weir Here! I put that on my SpunBob tee shirt which I wore to the Canterbury Festival in the UK.

So, I love that "Weir Here" is the title of Bobby's forthcoming ( this coming January) CD!
Last January, the Ted Kurland web site mentioned that Bobby would be promoting his "greatest hits" compilation album on the Summer UK tour- well we did the tour but I guess the CD wasnt ready yet. I'm not the only one that hopes this release will help get us all returning to Eurdog it in 2004.

In the meanwhile, I'm waiting for the mushroom houses to arrive- they need to be ready for the Rex benefit at The Fillmore! Good thing I can paint faster than I can type!

I've been hearing rave reviews about Bobdog's Beacon show (the Saturday show) and I'm jealous. However, Avery from Deadnet sent me the Bilston show (August 23,2003) and it's more beautiful than I remembered. It's consoling me right now...mmm-mmmm!