Friday, September 17, 2004

FWIW- Irenie never takes a bathroom break when Bobstar is rockin da house-
Here's about the most lengthy review I could pick up (deadnetter)regarding last night's St Louis show-

JGL - 03:24pm Sep 17, 2004 PDT (#9108 of 9112)
Last night I saw the fire spreadin' to the palace door. Silent majority weren't keepin' quiet anymore.

Just back from St. Louis and I got to say that The Pageant is one helluva concert venue. Great sound, lack security, and a pretty respectable shakedown in the parking lot.

Jam>Jack Straw- I heard a PITB tease in the jam and was surprised when they went into a solid but incomplete Jack Straw

Lady with a Fan-was surprised to hear in first set and coming out of Jack Straw.

Dark Star-with Terrapin only a third complete, was surprised, it being my first Dark Star. I can't complain.

Odessa-I'm not a big fan of this song, but Jeff really has a nice long solo.

Little Red Rooster-dedicated to Johnnie Johnson. Time to hit the rest room and get a beer. At the Pageant the sound is excellent, so wether your at the urinal or the bar, you really don't miss a thing.

Althea-I love the song, and they nailed it.

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl-good old time R & R song and they rocked it out.

Darkstar-back into DS jam that was just kind of plodding along. Then you start hearing a Jack Straw tease, and go WTF! it turns into Jack Straw jam that almost comes to a halt, then BAM! they break into the JS chorus and rock the rest of the song.

Bob Weir-"We'll be back in just a little bit"

"First" Peggy-O the whole band walked out together, Bob and MK on acoustic. They did a great job on it.

Masterpiece-my favorite Dylan cover by GD or RD.

The Winners-Restroom, beer starting to do it's thing.

Friend of the Devil-a bra, or maybe it was a mansierre hit Bob's mic stand and looked like it was going to hang there for a couple seconds, but fell defeated to the floor where it remained for the rest of the show.

TOO-Very Nice!

UJB>Terrapin>UJB-lot's of crowd participation, clapping and singing, louder than any other RD show I've been to. I'm sure it will come out on the tape.

E:At a Siding>Terrapin Flyer>Touch of Grey-Great way to end the show.

I think Bob's messin' with the Fantasy players-JS to start and end the first set!

Great show! Great venue! This band is tight and fresh, you east coasters are gonna love it!