Friday, September 10, 2004

I couldnt go- I had to meet the parents of my newest batch of preschoolers...

But, Mazzy, My BIL-Christopher and Tiny Dancer did get to go!
I hear Mazzy had a great time- Havent spoken yet to Christopher, and Here is what Tiny Dancer reported in to her friends @ the TOOBoard:

my truest inspiration- Report from Mill Valley
Posted by: Tiny Dancer (208.54.15.---)
Date: September 10, 2004 07:30PM

Beautiful night last night. A Mill Valley country club crowd, not a Deadhead or tie-dye in the place (except for myself and a fellow from DNC, who lives in the area)(and I wasn't in a tie-dye, and neither was he!). Bobby and Mark acoustic, I danced all over in front of the stage. Got the yuppies up and boppin'. So many people thanked me for dancing for them afterwards. Wine and mozzarella-cherry tomatoes-mint- olive skewers, canapes, homemade cookies.

The set was very short- KC Moan, Friend of the Devil, El Paso , Me and My Uncle, Uncle John's Band- just Bobby and Mark on acoustic. They auctioned off a few guitars, once of while was Weir's, and he sat and noodled "New Speedway Boogie" during the auction process. A very laid back, non- rock n roll crowd.

Craig Chaquico (who used to be such a cutie in the Starship) isn't much of a cutie anymore, but he still has the Starshipy persona- the hard rock guitar solo kind of deal, coming up to the front of the stage and kneeling on one knee with the other leg extended to the side of him.

And of course the crowning glory of it all was being in the shadow of my beloved Mt. Tam and majestic redwoods.

Stuck inside of SFO with the plane delayed blues again...only, this is the first airport that has an internet cafe that I've ever been in. And now I get to roll into Kennedy in the early morning of September 11th.