Thursday, September 16, 2004

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Ratdog review 9.15.04
Posted by: b.d. shot (68.15.124.---)
Date: September 16, 2004 02:53AM

this is kinda long, but the setlist is in here somewhere....

well, it's 1:23am tulsa time, just dropped off at the holiday inn by my new friends dan, aaron, and lucas. ratdog was in town, here's my story.....

rolled into tulsa around 6:30pm, checked into the hotel, and prepared for the night. my brother dropped out at the last minute, so it's just me. shower, telephone book, and yellow checker cab. the driver is nearly 70 and tells me stories of his mother taking him to cain's ballroom to see Bob Willis when he was 10. 10? so that musta been 60 some years ago..... damn.

we pass the ballroom, i notice the lighted sign reading cain's backwards. u-turn and we pull up front. 5$ cab and 2$ tip.

maui, shrooms, whispered in my ear as i step out of the cab. yup, i have arrived. scene is as usual, tie-died heads trolling the block, gravel parking lot directly across the street. i ask where the box office is, no one knows.

it's around 7:15pm, old looking venue, stone above the door reads "Brady 1924"..... lets check out the lot. very few vendors, stones here, stickers there, jerry postcard.... rare, i snag it

doors open, i get in line..... anyone got an extra? yup, i've got your tic..... nice to meet you dan, i'm matt. my absent brothers ticket, paid 30, recovered 25, not bad. see ya inside....

cruise the lot a bit, chat w/some folks, and stroll inside. we enter under the sly grin of Bob Wills, big photo, dude musta been big..... wow what a venue. huge ballroom, wooden floor, iron trusses holding a wooden roof, photos of country legends everywhere, from Hank Williams Sr. to Jimmy Dickens, every other one signed and dated, some as far back as 1950, classic.

domestic 2.50, premium 3.50, place is half-full, no way sold out.... i find a hack circle and waste 30 minutes....

lights flicker, disco ball is lit, the show is close to starting. i tell the woman next to me "opener is The Music Never Stopped, justa feeling "......

Set I

She Belongs to Me
Easy Answers
Lucky Enough
Big Boss Man
Mission In The Rain

wow, great energy, great set, i make way for another beer, purchased under the photo of Earnest Tubb....

meet up with Dan, meet some new friends.... set 2 begins....

Set II

Take Me To the River
Brown Eyed Women (funktastic
Jam w/drumz (no bobby) ->
Black Peter

Brokedown Palace

show is over, good feelings and big smiles all around.....

i find a ride back to my hotel and log in to document the night....