Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I've got my Alvarez 2004 catalog in hand- and yesiree it's Bob on page 30 and 31- full page pic in that cute chin on hand on yairi(top o the Alvarez line) guitar(looks like rosewood- maybe a WY1 model?) pose. picture taken by Mark Gilliland..

.There's a page of Bobbylore -

"Imagine a kid with a guitar, a jug and a dream..."
The birth of his musical career was signaled by the broken wails of his first instrument-a battered trumpet. His determination, fledgling career and hapless horn were promptly ushered outside by his parents, where he continued playing until his neighbors suggested he "take up a different instrument".
Shortly after the 13 year old surrendered his trumpet, a family friend who was passing through Palo Alto was invited to stay for a few days. The visitor had brought his guitar and patiently taught a few chords to the fascinated teen. Enchanted, he charged out to buy an instrument of his own.
For $17, he bought a nameless 6 string that sounded like a stubbed toe and played more like an elementary school spelling bee than a guitar. Eventually, he graduated to a better guitar, and his heart pounded with the beloved blues and folk melodies of his childhood. In 1962, he met a young musician named Jerry, whom he overheard picking bluegrass tunes in a dusty local bar. They became instant friends. That evening, the two began to talk passionately about music. It was a dialog that would continue for decades. Inspired by the vibrant blues minstrels of the riverboat circuits, he and Jerry started their own jug banf on NYE, 1964. Jerry played banjo, while his new companion played the guitar...and jug.
Much time passed. the tiny band changed its sound almost as many times as it changed names. Mother McCree's Jug Champions became the Warlocks, the Warlocks became the Grateful Dead, and from the Grateful Dead emerged Ratdog. The young boy from PaloAlto became a dreamer and that dreamer became a musician. His name is ...".

Then there are some Bobby quotes...

at the risk of sounding crude/lewd-
Ya gotta love how the neck of the yairi is positioned...

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alvarez- look up Bobby on the "Players" page there..