Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Life still unsettled since a week ago...Happily, things are moving in the world of Weirness...A benefit for SEVA was announced. A show featuring The Dead and Jackson Browne among assorted other musicians will be held at The Berkeley Community Theater in December. BCT has wonderful acoustics, is clean and caters to the audience being able to HEAR the performers rather than squishing folks into a big old room, letting the chips fall wherever.. To get the best of the best, Scott and I bought Circle of Compassion tickets which lands us in about the 6th row. It also gets us into a post show gathering and gives us posters.
I've said it before and must say it again, I love the benefits. Now that we have some money we can afford to make donations to kind organizations...Rather than spend $400 on airfare to go see Bobstar in some off the wall place, we can give it to SEVA and have sweet seats and feel well treated. True, its about the music but railing it each and everytime gets to wearing thin.