Saturday, October 11, 2003

Okay, So this is a Blog? Very nice! Right now there isnt much going on for me in the world of Bob Weirness...Ratdog is somewhere in Florida, getting ready for their first show of the Autumn tour....
After Scott and I spent time last Summer traipsing around England after them, its been hard to settle down. My photos of the trip are on my homepages which can be viewed at :

This week was made happier for receiving a huge envelope of cds of some of the UK shows from Ian in Scotland and also, a very nice long letter with photographs (old fashioned but rare and nice) from a wonderful Welsh fellow we met on tour. He is hoping for a third Bobdog tour in Europe to happen in 2004.
Of course, so are we- I can't quite describe how it was to get to some strange little place, in what seems like the middle of nowhere and know that Bobdog will be playing there that night. That these places only hold between 400-800 folks is another bonus after being crammed into bigger more & more crowded venues here in the Bay Area.
I also received a show in the mail from Tiny Dancer aka Ruth, who also traveled to all the UK shows. She lives in the heart of NYC. No sooner did she get home to New York than she was back on the plane to come out here to see Ratdog play at the Marin Music Festival.
Well, I guess I have some things to do. Kids are happy and lazing in front of TV-all their special shows are on. Our new puppy-Lilah is nudging me to play. Scott could barely wait to find a dog to fill the big sad void left by the demise of our 2 ancient dogs. After coming home from the UK, We spent a few Sundays driving around to animal rescue moblie adoption units and shelters. Finally, about 3 weeks ago, we found Lilah- who really is Delilah-for the usual Sunday Bob song "Samson".
Okay- I better go play with her before she chews up the computer cords.