Wednesday, July 18, 2007

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Hey Now Fellow Doggies-

Just back from C-Bus and what a time we had. All the way down it surely looked like rain, and what do ya know, it rained. A nice steady rain that you know is gonna be around for a while. But it didn't discourage the Boys as they took the stage at 8:30. Rain started around 9 and didn't let up until well into the second set. To the show...

Will call line sucked, around the corner. Venue should of had more windows open. Other than that, the staff at the venue were first rate. Very courteous and helpful. Now, this is the place Ratdog always plays indoors at, but not tonight, the stage was set for the lawn side and it was nice, like a mini Polaris.

Jam - Shakedown--They picked right up where they left off in Cleveland, very nice groovy jam. Kimmock is the real freakin deal doggies and he has really developed a nice reporie with Bobby, Robin and Jeff. In and out, spacey little jam into BLAM....back onto Shakedown Street.

Maggie's Farm was nice, again Kimmock really shined. Jeff had a real nice section as well.
Baby Blue is when it really started to rain, it was dark out and the lights were just big blue bubbles as Bobby was just crooning away. Jeff and Kimmocks swapping lick, Jeff had a monster solo leading to Kiimmock's dripping sweet sounds. Brain Candy!!

Crazy Fucking Fingers!!!! Sorry about that, but it cannot be helped. Absolutely GREAT!!!! Kimmock, Kimmock, Kimmock!!!!!! Huge jam at the end, very phat and interwoven between the entire band. Robin, Bobby and Kimmock were just killin it. Robin's playing was spectacular and Kimmock was just on fire. I found myself closing my eyes and feeling like I was somewhere else in some different time from my past. Can't say enough about this Crazy Fucking Fingers.

Big Boss Man was well played, but I was still trying to find my face, cause Robin just bombed it off....

Barracco comes out and sits next to Jeff. Rob takes the organ, Brent's old one. What is it I hear, It the Big King Bee----Barracco hammers out a huge solo Brent style, into..

Might As Freaking Well,,,,so much fun, raining so hard now,

I grab the wife and we decide to catch the second set backstage. It's raining hard, the wind is howling and it's getting chilly. Dry off a little, chat w/ Jeff and Rob, next thing ya know, there heading back out...very short break can only mean the got someting up their sleeves.. I see Keller and he's setting something up w/ Bob,,,

You Win Again---What a treat--rare to here Bobby do this one--\
Jack_a-Roe--wooohooo, love this one, but Keller comes by just shaking his head. I say whats wrong, and he just said I played this tonight!!! It wasn't on the setlist, Damn. It really pissed him off because he's trying not to have any repeats, but he recovered quickly.

She Says, very nice, Kenny was really standing out here..
Keller walks out w/ his axe and the Boys rip into Liberty--very good, phat jams, Keller whaling away...into

He's Gone----Wow!!! So big, so good, Keller comes back out for the vocal jam, That guy can sing his ass off--They bring the vocal jam of He's Gone into a rip roaring Stuff Jam. Jay was on Fire leading this whole jam, Jeff head never stopped, Kimmock dropping in sweet fills, Robin going step for step w/ Jay=----This is a great band

Bobby comes back out and slows things down. I'm hearing Knockin the same time Barrocco is hearing it, he was standing next to us and we both have these huge grins on our faces. Oh Bobby!!!! Just killed it!!! Now they go into overdrive with a nasty St Stephen's-William Tell Bridge-The Eleven. Every deadhead's dream!!!! Just let me say this first....

KIMMOCK is such a good player, fire was spitting out of his amps. He just blisterd this suite. WOW< WOW< WOW!!!! Jay was doing this cool thing with his apple synth while playing the drums. Good Stuff. Everybody back stage was going off. Keller was doing an air guitar, Barracco was spinning and smiling, Dennis was bopping....and the Band Just Killed. The Eleven was amazing, Again I say WOW!!!

Encore Barracco goes back to the organ and Bobby just nails the Black Muddy River----Every time, it reminds me of Chicago 95', the last Notes played by the Dead. Great Band fellow doggies.

Bobby missed some lyrics in the 1st set, but it didn't matter. He was there in the rain signing his heart out, ripping on his guitar. His band is right on time. Kimmock is a freak, best choice by far to fill in for MK.

Get copies of this show, or any show from this tour, Kimmock will have tears in your eyes if your not careful.

Thats it for me til the Fall Mid West Tour.

Have fun and Be Safe Fellow Doggies!!!