Sunday, July 15, 2007

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It's All Good!
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Nice ALLGOOD Review :
By deadtothehead
Allgood Rat-Dog Review Including Stealth Jam/Rap Session
Didn't even think I was going until a kind person gave me 2 VIP passes for free.
Weather was beautiful...and the scenery was exquisite.
Friday was a blast. It was the only day I was able to attend but it was more than grate.
I received info about a possible Rat-Dog show going on at 7pm on the small stage way in the back of the festival (Thanks Shakedown). BTW, it was grate to see so many of you again; shakedown, rock & roll, eyesxo, Chez, and others...
Anyway, I get to the small stage and lo and behold, all of Rat-Dog is there, minus Kimock, setting up their gear. The guitarist from PBS was there, who by the way is awesome. If you haven't seen PBS I urge you to do so.
So yeah, there's about 20 people in attendance which made this event even more spectacular. Everyone else was at the main stage.
The boys did nothing but jam the whole time. They even had two freestyler's come up and spit out some rhymes which was awesome. By the end of the performance, there were a lot more people, and nobody could believe what had happened so unexpectedly . It was truly a once in a lifetime experience.
I was backstage eating and ran into the guy who manages the small stage. He told me it was originally supposed to be just Jay jamming but after Jay told the rest of the band, they all wanted to join in with the fun.
I saw Steve Kimock as well backstage and shook his hand, explaining how much I and we appreciate him coming on tour and assisting Rat-Dog. He said, "My pleasure".
The show was awesome. The Miracle was one of my favorites, with Steve just wailing on his guitar. During the show, you could tell the rest of the band was digging Steve's contributions. I saw blatant smiles from J.C. and Weir himself. Really, Kimock is the man. Also, the Uncle John's Band was incredible. They incorporated a Supplication jam as well as an Other One jam right in the middle.
All in all, Allgood was in fact, Allgood. I read a negative post about the scene there and going into the festival I was anxious to see if it was true but I have to say, I met a lot of nice, friendly folks.
See you all down the road. Peace!

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