Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hear the Sirens call...

Am I ready? Are we ready? How much longer til we hit the road and then hurry up and get to San Diego- after that time can go by as slow as you please!
No, not packed yet but I have my shoes matched which might be a first! All my clothes are folded and in my suitcase (the handy little purple one). Scott has played his part and has candy & icechest and maps all set to go.
We'll need music? I'm hoping our travelling companions will be okay with the selections. It's an 8 hour ride.
So, we should get there hours before daylight.
It's already crazy!
Have a great weekend.
Don't forget to go over to MK's carepages and give him & his family lots of love!
If there's A "Lost Sailor" I'll be looking at the moon (both venues are outdoors) and sending all the Weirfreaks {{{Peace, Happiness & Wellness vibes}}} So many in need these days.
See you at the shows!