Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Check out today's Rolling Stone for an essay written our Bobby!
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Tribute to Jack Kerouac
This show will be a special tribute to Lowell native Jack Kerouac, and his traveling companion On The Road, Neal Cassady, who had a great personal influence on the members of the Grateful Dead. Kerouac’s original manuscript scroll of On The Road, his most famous novel, is on display at the Boott Cotton Mills Museum Gallery adjacent to the concert venue, Boarding House Park. Weir read On The Road in 1964 and became forever changed. “It told me the world was a wide open place. Go get it,” said Weir in a November 2006 interview with the Lowell Sun.
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Rich's 7-10 Video from Boston Dog!
In case anyone missed the thread on Ratdog.org,
I'm compiling a gift for Bobby's 60th from my fellow Weirheads.
It won't cost ya anything but a few moments of your time.
I want it to remain a surprise for as long as possible but will give out details to interested people-
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