Thursday, July 05, 2007

I've never had anyone Text message me through an entire show til tonight.
Our old tour buddy (Eurodog 2002) Saint was at the show tonight.
Here are some of his impressions via text messaging:

*standing on picnic tables with anticipation....typical scene...recognize many faces with no names
*Mk's backup vocals clearly absent
*Bob stepped into mic as a beachball hit the mic into his mouth..split his lip
*Kimock on his knees kickin ass on Victim
*Kimock added pscychedelic feel OQ
*Even so-Croonin cheesy bob-This now one of my fav tunes!Kimock and kenny blowin nuts
*October queen-Full bobstar mode-Fuckin mindblowin jam in oct queen...kimock
*SOTM-Bob forgot lryics
*Hottest jam SDream.
*Hand made sign saying god bless mk at bow
Actual setlist is:
maggies farm>
queen jane>
crazy fingers>
brown eyed woman
blackbird @ ~ Bob,Jay,Robin and SK(elec)
friend of the devil @ ~ Bob,Jay,Robin,kenny and SK(elec)
victim or the crime @ ~ (Bob,Robin@) everyone on stage
even so>
october queen>
the deep end>
stuff ~ (no Bob/Kimock)(Kimock came out during stuff)
standing on the moon
sugar magnolia
touch of gray

Ripple <<< encore

There's going to be a group healing for Mark on Monday at the front
of the line in Central Park at 4:20p et. Everyone is invited to join
us in spirit at that time from whichever time zone you happen to be
in. 3:20 pm central, 1:20 pm pacific