Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We Love You Mark!

A Message from MK

hey there groovy guys and groovy gals... it's yr ol' pal MK here with some less than stellar news. i will not be joining the boys on this july run thru the good ol' USofA...

my MDs have decided that a lump i've had on my neck for quite some time may in fact be a bigger problem than they originally thought. they can't say it's cancer but they can't say it isn't either (all tests are negative so far but they are still quite concerned).

meanwhile, i have several wonderful healers that believe they can help me a lot with focused attention and hard work... so that's what i'll be doing for the next month. if all goes well... all good. otherwise it's western style surgery and we'll have to wait and see where the dust settles.

so get on out to the shows. they'll be different and i'm sure they'll be fun. if at all possible i plan on joing the boyz for a rockin' good time on the august run.

much love to alla you boneheads!!!

mark karan