Thursday, June 28, 2007


"As many of you know, RatDog's sterling lead guitarist, Mark Karan, is experiencing a health problem.

Said Chief Dog Bob Weir, “The docs want to have a close look at our brother Mark over the next
few weeks, and we're gonna have to go with that. Our old friend Steve Kimock has graciously offered to cover for him for this tour, and so we're thinking we should go with this. We'll be in touch with Mark daily, and if his docs cut him loose, we'll bring him out. The show must go on, I think, in everyone's best interest. Here's to Healing…”
Steve chipped in. “First, I'd like to wish Mark a speedy recovery, and secondly, I'd like to thank Bob Weir & RatDog for this opportunity to serve our music, family, friends and community during Mark's absence. Love is a service done. Gratefully, SK."
Finally, we checked in with Mark. “I really appreciate all the love and good vibes I've received since announcing my need to take a 'healing break.' I'll be very sorry to miss all these great summer shows this July, but I'll be back ASAP and I'm sure my ol' TOO-mate Senor Kimock will do his best to add something special to this run. Keep me in your prayers, and meantime…”Hey, hey…come right away…come and join the party everyday.”
Hmm, good thinking. See you down the road, Milwaukee first. "

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